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Jonas Brothers – “Keep It Real” MUSIC VIDEO

7 Sep

Jonas Brothers latest music video Keep It Real has just been released.

This is one of our favorite songs from the Bros. Lines, Vines and Trying Times album, but, they totally could’ve done a whole lot better with choosing the third single.

Do you like the video??

Joe Jonas COFFEE ADDICT In Toronto

7 Sep

celebs toronto 060909

Joe Jonas was seen yesterday in Toronto getting a coffee drink, in between filming the new Disney movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, which just recently started shooting.

Doing his best to be unrecognizable, but, he can’t hide!

In related news, Joe’s brother, Kevin, recently revealed that he plans on having both Joe and Nick act as his best men for his upcoming nuptials with fiance Danielle Deleasa.

“They both are [my best man],” Kevin told Canada’s Hot 89.9 FM. “[Deleasa] actually has two sisters, kind of the same age as well. It works out really well because there are two maids of honor and two best men.”

We can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Kevin Jonas Wants Joe and Nick As His Best Men At the Wedding!

6 Sep


It’s going to be a Jonas filled wedding!!

According to AceShowBiz, “During an interview, Kevin refused to have only one best man, saying he wants both Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas for the job.”

It’s also rumored that Kev and his fiancee Danielle Deleasa have already set a wedding date.

We’re sure they’ll try to keep it on the DL.

Nick also mentioned on the topic too, saying “We’ve talked about it a little bit [about who is going to be best man]. He’s working it all out, but we’ll see what happens.”

Well we totally can’t wait for the wedding!

Joe Jonas Wears a Hot Dog Suite While Performing On Stage!

5 Sep

Ok, it’s pretty clear to all of us now that Joe is the most wackiest and obnoxious one in the Jonas Brothers…AND WE LOVE IT!!!

He and his brothers, recently performed on stage during their Burnin’ Up tour, and a fan throws a hot dog suite up on the stage.

And Joe, being crazy, puts it on, and starts dancing and singing…it’s super funny!!! 😀

It’s around the 3 minute mark!

Demi Lovato’s Photoshoot With Entertainment Weekly Magazine!

4 Sep

Swapping back and forth between different outfits, Disney up-and-coming star Demi Lovato was spotted hard at work in New York City on Wednesday afternoon (September 3).

The Camp Rock actress just so happened to be taking art in a photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly magazine outside of the Economy Candy store on the Lower East Side.

Meanwhile, Lovato is also focused on the fast-approaching release date of her debut album, Don’t Forget, which hits stores September 23, (via Hollywood Records).

Mentioning how the Jonas Brothers helped out on the LP, Demi recently told MTV News: “I did a duet with the Jonas Brothers on my album, and we wrote the song together,” Lovato explained. “It’s like a breakup song, and it’s called ‘On the Line.’ [It was important to have them on my album] because, I mean, just look at how successful they are. I would love to have their input anytime, because they’re obviously doing something right.”

We can’t wait to hear it! 😀

Nick Jonas Headed to the Studio! — Ask the Jonas Brothers ANYTHING!!!

4 Sep

With less than two weeks until his big 16th birthday, Nick Jonas has a lot on his mind. And he was spotted on the way to the studio yesterday to utilize his favorite emotional outlet- writing music.

The “Burnin’ Up” singer looked cool, calm, and collected as usual as he made his way from his California home to a waiting SUV, accompanied by his bodyguard Big Rob.

Never one to disappoint in the fashion department, Nick sported a black and white patterned vintage-style button-up shirt with a pair of black trousers and black loafers.

And it sounds like Nick and along with his brothers Joe and Kevin have offered their fans the ultimate opportunity to get to know them better. The Jonas Brothers will be answering questions posed by fans on their MySpace blog. The boys wrote, “Thank you so much. We are inviting you to ASK US ANY QUESTION YOU WANT TO ASK.”

Cool! So all you die hard Jonas fans….ASK AWAY!!! :)…But keep it appropriate!

Jonas Brothers Contest: Win a Trip to Bahamas to See the Jonas Brothers!

3 Sep

Verizon Wireless and Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas have teamed up for a contest to send 40 (40!) Jonas Brothers fans on a trip to the Bahamas to see them in concert!

All you have to do is buy the Samsung Glyde or Verizon Wireless Juke by Samsung phones, register online and download V CAST Music with Rhapsody on your PC!

When you install Verizon Wireless’ V CAST Music with Rhapsody software on your computer, you’ll get to instantly download four free live versions of songs from the JB CD, A Little Bit Longer. You will also be entered into a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Bahamas to see the JoBros perform at Atlantis on Dec. 13, 2008. The JoBros love getting to chill out at Atlantis, and I’ve been, too! It’s AWESOME!

Customers can also enter for free here!

But you have to hurry! The contest only runs through Nov. 1, 2008

For more info on the contest and Atlantis, Paradise Island, visit