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Nick Jonas Headed to the Studio! — Ask the Jonas Brothers ANYTHING!!!

4 Sep

With less than two weeks until his big 16th birthday, Nick Jonas has a lot on his mind. And he was spotted on the way to the studio yesterday to utilize his favorite emotional outlet- writing music.

The “Burnin’ Up” singer looked cool, calm, and collected as usual as he made his way from his California home to a waiting SUV, accompanied by his bodyguard Big Rob.

Never one to disappoint in the fashion department, Nick sported a black and white patterned vintage-style button-up shirt with a pair of black trousers and black loafers.

And it sounds like Nick and along with his brothers Joe and Kevin have offered their fans the ultimate opportunity to get to know them better. The Jonas Brothers will be answering questions posed by fans on their MySpace blog. The boys wrote, “Thank you so much. We are inviting you to ASK US ANY QUESTION YOU WANT TO ASK.”

Cool! So all you die hard Jonas fans….ASK AWAY!!! :)…But keep it appropriate!

Miley Cyrus Out With Cody Linley On a Late Night! — Could the Two Be Dating???

3 Sep

She had a pretty public breakup with Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers back in late 2007 after dating for two years, and now it seems Miley Cyrus may be exploring romance again with a Hannah Montana co-star, Cody Linley.

The “Best of Both Worlds” songstress was spotted with Cody Linley as they left his place around 10pm last night (September 2) looking a bit like they were trying to avoid the paparazzi as best they could.

And though she and Nick are long gone, it sounds like Miss Cyrus gets a reminder of their relationship every time she performs her hit “7 Things.” The video’s director, Brett Ratner, revealed, “The necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace [the boy] gave her. She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace.”

Why does Miley have seven things she hates about Nick???

As it turns out, Jonas has type 1 diabetes; hence the necklace Cyrus wears in her video is his, making the song all about him.

We totally think that Cody and Miley are starting a new fling! 🙂

Double Date for Joe Jonas, Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, & Selena Gomez!?!?

29 Aug

Sure to stir up even more talk as to who’s dating who, the Jonas Brothers were spotted out at TAO last night in New York City – and they weren’t alone!

Joe Jonas and his rumored love, Taylor Swift, along with Joe’s younger brother Nick and his said-to-be sweetheart, Selena Gomez, were caught by the paparazzi as they left the trendy Big Apple nightspot.

The foursome was also accompanied by the eldest Jonas Brother, Kevin, as well as a few burly bodyguards to help clear a path to the car upon exit.

According to a source on the scene, “They (Jonas Brothers) tried to play it cool, but it definitely seemed as if there’s something more than friendship going on.”

We think they day is cutting close to when they’ll finally COME OUT and say their dating!!!

Selena Gomez At UR Vote Counts Campaign + More Talk About Nick Jonas!

17 Aug

Spending the morning at the Glendale Galleria, Selena Gomez was on-hand for a “UR Vote Counts” campaign in Glendale, California on Saturday (August 16).

Dressed in a cute white button down top with a pair of jeans, the Wizards of Waverly Place actress posed for pictures and signed autographs for young fans, exposing them to the political process at an early age.

Meanwhile, Selena has also been dealing with questions regarding her rumored relationship with Jonas Brothers hunk Nick Jonas.

“You know all the Jonas brothers. Is there one that you are closer to than the other?” Ryan Seacrest asked Selena on his talk show this past week.

“No. I mean…I think…Kevin is like another brother to me…so he is pretty awesome,” replied Gomez.

“Nick got a little squeamish when we talked to him about you…but in a way that I think was endearing and the story is that the two of you are dating and don’t want to talk about it. What can you tell us?” Seacrest persisted.

“Well, he’s an amazing guy, Ryan. Anybody would be very lucky to be dating him,” Miss Gomez elusively replied just how Nick replied to the same question asked by Ryan…lol! 🙂

Selena Gomez: Nick Jonas Is “An Amazing Guy!”

15 Aug

Just like the family-friendly roles she plays onscreen, Selena Gomez kept things G-rated during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show Tuesday morning.

Grilled over the ongoing rumors that she’s dating Jonas Bro/Miley Cyrus ex Nick Jonas, the poised actress replied: “Well, he’s an amazing guy, Ryan. Anybody would be very lucky to be dating him.”

When pressed, Selena would only say, “I’m close to all the brothers.” Which includes Team Demi and Selena supporter and her unofficial “big brother” Kevin.

Fine. But we hope Nick’s the one who’s got her heart. They’d make such a wholesome couple, don’t ya think?

Nick Jonas Riding Horse and Carriage!

15 Aug

While his brother Joe was busy impersonating an NYPD officer over in the Columbus Circle area of Manhattan, Nick Jonas was doing his thing on a horse and carriage.

The youngest Jonas was hard at work today (August 14) in New York City’s Central Park as he filmed his segments for the new JoBros video to accompany their new album A Little Bit Longer’s second single.

And the “Burnin’ Up” rocker created plenty of chaos for the ‘real’ police to handle as masses of fans crowded around the set in hopes of getting an autograph or picture.

Throughout the shoot, the cops had to assist in backing up the horse carriage into oncoming traffic after doing many takes. There’s no business like showbusiness!

It looks like Nick had a cool time! 🙂

Jonas Brothers Fan Tries to Kiss Nick Jonas!!!

10 Aug

A fan currently tried to kiss Nick Jonas on the cheek, and her rejects her!!!

Good thing that E! News caught it all on tape…lol. 🙂

Well thats kind of sad, because she wanted a kiss. But, she is like a total stranger, and Nick doesn’t even know where her lips had been.