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Jonas Brothers – “Keep It Real” MUSIC VIDEO

7 Sep

Jonas Brothers latest music video Keep It Real has just been released.

This is one of our favorite songs from the Bros. Lines, Vines and Trying Times album, but, they totally could’ve done a whole lot better with choosing the third single.

Do you like the video??

Tokio Hotel – “Automatic” MUSIC VIDEO

7 Sep

Here is the new Tokio Hotel music video called Automatic.

The single is featured on their upcoming U.S. release Humanoid, which will be released later this Fall.

The Summer Set’s NEW SONG Was Inspired By Chelsea Staub!

7 Sep

The Summer Set just released their new single Chelsea, which they wrote for JONAS star Chelsea Staub.

The song was inspired after lead singer Brian was introduced to Chelsea by guitarist Josh and it was practically love at first sight!

Him and Chelsea are still dating!

Such a cute love story!

Check out the song above, and The Summer Set’s new album Love Like This on October 13th.

Demi Lovato – “Gift of a Friend” MUSIC VIDEO

6 Sep

Here’s the brand new music video from Demi Lovato called Gift of a Friend.

The song was released in promotion for the upcoming Walt Disney flick Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. The song will also be available on the movies soundtrack, as well as already been released on Demi’s sophomore album Here We Go Again.

Do U like Demi’s song or Selena’s better???

MUSIC VIDEO: Selena Gomez – “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”

28 Aug

Selena Gomez‘s new music video for her single “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know,” has been released!!!

And we love it! 🙂

The new song is featured on her new movie and the soundtrack to Another Cinderella Story, which will be released on DVD this September!

What do you think of the video!?!?!?

MUSIC VIDEO: Demi Lovato – “Get Back”

23 Aug

Demi Lovato‘s rockin’ new music video premiered last night, after the premiere of The Cheetah Girls One World, and we loved the video!!!

“Get Back,” is her new music, and even though they edited the lyrics in the music video, it was still nice.

CLICK HERE to watch the music video! 🙂

MUSIC VIDEO: Miley Cyrus – “Fly On the Wall”

13 Aug

Here is the new music video for Miley Cyrus‘ “Fly On the Wall” single, that Disney Channel has been airing lately.

I thought “Breakout” was going to be her next single after “7 Things”???

Maybe it still will, you know how Disney always releases performance videos as music videos, like they did with Vanessa Hudgens‘ “Say OK,” and Jonas Brothers‘ “That’s Just the Way We Roll.”

Anyways, we love this song, and CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!! 🙂