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Miley Cyrus Releases Her NEW Braclet Line Called “Doo Da Doo”

7 Sep

If you’re a follower of Miley Cyrus on Twitter, you probably know that she has just released a new line of bracelets called Doo Da Doo.

So, Miles and her BFF Mandy Jiroux took to their famous web show to help promote the new line.

You can purchase the bracelets at, and the bracelets only go for $10 USD. Not that bad.

Joe Jonas Sings “Give Love a Try” on JONAS!

7 Sep

Joe Jonas sings Give Love a Try on the episode “Karaoke Surprise” of their Disney series JONAS.

Selena Gomez & The Scene Wants YOU to Help Promote Their New Album Kiss & Tell

6 Sep

Selena Gomez & The Scene wants you to help promote their debut album Kiss & Tell, which will be released on Sept. 29th! The album features the leading single Falling Down.

Joe Jonas Wears a Hot Dog Suite While Performing On Stage!

5 Sep

Ok, it’s pretty clear to all of us now that Joe is the most wackiest and obnoxious one in the Jonas Brothers…AND WE LOVE IT!!!

He and his brothers, recently performed on stage during their Burnin’ Up tour, and a fan throws a hot dog suite up on the stage.

And Joe, being crazy, puts it on, and starts dancing and singing…it’s super funny!!! 😀

It’s around the 3 minute mark!

Joe Jonas Promotes Demi Lovato’s New Album with ‘Scratch N Sniff’ Website!

30 Aug

A well made video that guarantees a hearty laugh, uploaded by Demi Lovato on her YouTube page, to promote her upcoming debut album Don’t Forget, has Joe Jonas showing Demi and his siblings his new ‘Scratch and Sniff’ website!

Joe shows an incredulous Demi how she can sniff an orange, something she has never done before, simply by scratching an orange on the screen of her computer.

An impressed Demi tells Joe, “I don’t think I had ever called you a genius until now!”

Lovato’s album drops on September 23th, via Hollywood Records.

Demi, 16, co-starred with the Jonas Brothers in the recently released Disney film Camp Rock and provides the opening act for the band on their currently underway Burning Up Tour. She is also in the working on her new Disney Channel series, Welcome to Mollywood, and her Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program, with her BFF Selena Gomez.

Talking of the Jonas Brothers she recently said:

“They’re basically like my brothers. They’ll always have my back no matter what situation… They’re hilarious guys, and also they’ve got really big hearts that people don’t always see.”

“And they’re very protective of me,” she added.

They all seem like their ONE BIG FAMILY!!! 🙂

Could The Cheetah Girls Be Feuding With Raven-Symone???

26 Aug

The Cheetah Girls were recently taped while signing autographs outside of MTV’s Total Request Live studios, and band member Kiely Williams was signing an old photo, which had her, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, and former Cheetah Girl, Raven-Symone, in it.

While signing, Kiely said with a chuckle, “Isn’t that a cute picture, we look like REAL friends!”

If you don’t get it, it basically means: We looked like REAL friends, but we were NOT!.

Could this be a sign of a feud that has been locked up for years now, between The Cheetahs and Raven, after she decided not to be apart of the group?

Also, around the time The Cheetah Girls 2 was being shot, there were rumors that there were cat fights between Raven and The Cheetahs. And, Adrienne was offered to come back to That’s So Raven to play Alana, but refused to.

We thought Raven and Adrienne were BFF’s???

But, if Kiely was talking about Raven…that’s kind of mean. I mean, she could’ve kept it to herself. 🙂

NEW MOVIE: Taking 5, Starring The Click Five!!!

22 Aug

If you liked Disney Channel’s Camp Rock or High School Musical, their is no way you’re not going to fall in love with Taking 5, which stars The Click Five, who are famous for their summer 2005 hit single “Just the Girl.”

Just when BFFs Gabby (Daniella Monet, Nancy Drew) and Devon (Alona Tal, TV’s Veronica Mars) have a chance to get the hottest band, 5 Leo Rise (The Click Five), to perform a free concert at Highland High, their plan goes up in smoke… literally. Desperate not to be labeled losers for life they resort to Plan B, which involves them kidnapping the band!

Now it’s limos, laughs and a shot at love with 5 Leo Rise. But when the girls discover a secret about the band things hit a sour note.

Will 5 Leo Rise to the occasion and play at their homecoming or will Gabby and Devon be stuck in social Siberia forever?

We definitely have to buy Taking 5, when it is released on DVD on September 9th!…AND SO DO YOU!!! 😀

Check out Taking 5:

Official Site –
MySpace –

Also, make sure to pre-order the new DVD at! 🙂