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Revamp… Teen Scoop 2.0 Coming Soon!

30 Jun

We’ve been gone for a while… The Teen Scoop will officially revamp this Summer with new contributors and more!

Stay posted and keep up with all the latest on the revamp and all other celeb news on our Twitter @theteenscoop!

Kevin Jonas Teams Up with Taylor Swift for New Music Video!

15 Aug

The third and final Jonas brother to make an appearance on-set, Kevin Jonas teamed up with country singer Taylor Swift, as they filmed segments for the new Jonas Brothers video to accompany their album A Little Bit Longer’s second single.

Situated in Columbus Circle, the teen hunk and country sweetheart ran through scenes – with Kevin serving up hot dogs from a stand to Miss Swift.

The JoBros have been in the Big Apple all week, playing three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden as well as promoting their new album A Little Bit Longer (in stores now!) and shooting a new video and 3D tour movie.

As for Taylor, her latest single “Should’ve Said No” is a big hit – reaching the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

We love Taylor!!! 🙂

Jonas Brothers – “A Little Bit Longer” ALBUM PREVIEW!!!

29 Jul

YES!!! The time has come…well not really…

But, you can now listen to previews of all of the Jonas Brothers new songs, off of their new album A Little Bit Longer, which will be in stores August 12 (via Hollywood Records).

CLICK HERE to preview the album exclusively at!

Selena Gomez: Behind the Scenes of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” Music Video!

29 Jul

Disney Channel actress Selena Gomez was currently filmed behind the scenes of her new music video, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know.”

The song is featured on her new straight-to-DVD movie Another Cinderella Story, which will be in stores this September! 🙂

We so can’t wait to see the music video, it looks like it’s going to be good!!!

Miley Cyrus On Total Request Live In New York!

24 Jul

Taped last Friday (July 18), Miley Cyrus was all smiles as she filmed an appearance on MTV’s Total Request Live to promote her recently released album, Breakout.

The Hannah Montana starlet’s latest work, which hit store shelves yesterday, has already taken over the No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums, with her single “7 Things” sitting at #5 on iTunes Top 100 Songs.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by Teen Scoop, Miss Cyrus, along with the rest of her family, have formed a new charity called the “Pappy Cyrus Family Foundation” that’s named after her grandfather.

A FOX Pop Tarts report tells that Miley just kicked off her first-ever personal eBay auction, which started accepting bids last night at 7pm, with 100% of the proceeds going to numerous needy children charities.

Among the items on the auction block are autographed pictures, items from her personal wardrobe, the outfits from her High School Musical 2 appearance, as well as the chance to be her red carpet date at the upcoming movie premiere for Bolt, along with passes to Disneyland, accommodations, and a luxury car service.

Hannah Montana‘s Miley Cyrus Gets Banned By the British!

17 Jul

Disney better tame that Miley Cyrus. The diva of Hannah Montana is making British mothers furious with the endless saucy snaps, like the purported one of her showering in a white T-shirt that reportedly was hacked from her cell phone.

Angry parents at the Disney store in London told FOX News that while the kids still want to buy the dolls and toys, the grown-ups are in fact banning them as “they feel she is now of an unsuitable nature for a 15-year-old megastar.“

Will she be the next Britney Spears???

Hopefully not!

CLICK HERE to read more on this article!

NEW MUSIC: Jonas Brothers – “Pushin’ Me Away” + “Shelf”!

15 Jul

YAY!!! Finally, some new Jonas Brothers music! 🙂

With the release of their new album A Little Bit Longer, a couple of weeks away, new music is popping up online.

Of course, we’re not going to post every single song from the album here, because you can just go buy the album when it comes out!

Anyways, here are two new songs that will be on the album, “Pushin’ Me Away,” and “Shelf.”

“Pushin’ Me Away” is said to be their next single as well.

Jonas Brothers – “Pushin’ Me Away” (DOWNLOAD)

Jonas Brothers – “Shelf” (DOWNLOAD)