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Kristen Stewart Feels Like She’s OLDER Than She Really Is!

7 Sep


Twilight actress Kristen Stewart feels older than she actually is, which is 19.

“I felt I should have been an adult at the age of five. And I thought I was an adult when I was 12,” she said.

“I wasn’t like a warrior, but I have never been that kid who doesn’t care a fig about anything. It’s just the way I’ve been brought up,” she revealed.

She also went to talk on about how she DOESN’T have a Twitter or Facebook account.

“I do feel that nowadays everyone perceives you the same way,” she said.

“I prefer something I can touch! But now everybody knows everything about you. Even your parents have to know where you are because of course you have a cellphone.

“They can always reach you. You can’t even have a private life away from your family, it’s like everything is very hands-on.”


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’!

6 Sep


Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make an appropriate couple, seems like their New Moon co-stars are feeling “uncomfortable” about the situation.

The pair joined their Twilight cast mates for dinner at Miko Sushi in Vancouver, Canada, on August 14 — and were all over each other.

“While everyone was eating and chatting, Kristen and Rob sat at a corner table the entire night, whispering to each other,” a source told the National Enquirer.

On lookers reported, “You could the other cast members were uncomfortable, like they were intruding. Rob and Kristen gave off a ‘go away’ vibe.”

It was recently reported that while on the Vancouver set of Eclipse — the third Twilight film, Kristen and Rob refer to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

“If Kristen is looking for Rob, she’ll say, ‘Has anyone seen my husband?’” a source told OK!.

Talk about weird!

We totally think Kristie needs to calm down. We’re sure Rob doesn’t feel the same way as she does about him.