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Chris Brown Reveals First Single “Transformers” Off of NEW ALBUM

7 Sep


Chris Brown recently revealed to his fans, via Twitter, that his debut single off of his new album is called Transformers, and will feature rapper Lil’ Wayne.

His new album will be out WHO KNOWS WHEN because it keeps getting pushed back. But, it will be titled Graffiti, and a lot of material off of the album has been leaking a lot on the internet lately.

Any who, will YOU buy Chris Brown’s new CD???

Rihanna and Chris Brown Vacation In Barbados!

11 Aug

They still haven’t fessed up to being romantically involved, but Rihanna and Chris Brown are offering up every indication that love is certainly in the air.

The “Umbrella” songstress and her “Kiss Kiss” singing companion headed off for a short vacation in Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados following a stay in Los Angeles during the Teen Choice Awards.

The duo were spotted side-by-side at the island’s airport on Sunday (August 10), ready to fly back home for the upcoming work week.

Rihanna and Chris have been romantically linked for months now, but both have continually denied they are a couple – despite being spotted kissing and cuddling on multiple occasions, most recently in a hot tub at their shared Los Angeles hotel last week.

They just need to admit their relationship already!!! 🙂

Chris Brown Wants Rihanna To Dress Different?

21 Jul

Rumor has it that Chris Brown wants Rihanna to tone down her sexy look, to avoid her getting unwanted attention from male admirers.

Rihanna is regularly snapped wearing skirts high enough to see her landing carriage whereas Chris likes to go for a more layered look when getting dressed in the morning.

Although the two haven’t confirmed that they are actually dating a source has been quoted by the China Daily as saying “Chris adores her, but he gets a little jealous when she is strutting her stuff. Her stage costumes are racy, and when she is not performing, she likes to dress to impress.”

Apparently Rihanna is determined to continue showing off her curves, “She is sexy and likes to dress sexy,” the source adds.

Maybe Chris should just get used to it, after all it keeps Rihanna at the top of the charts.

Chris Brown To Star In Heist Thriller Bone Deep!

11 Jul

Teen R&B star Chris Brown is in final negotiations to join actor Matt Dillon and rapper T.I. in the thriller Bone Deep.

The Screen Gems project revolves around a group of criminals who plan a major heist at a money depot, with two detectives hot on their trail. Brown will play one of the members of the heist crew.

He made his feature film debut with the low-budget studio’s Stomp the Yard, which grossed more than $60 million at the domestic Box Office last year, and co-starred in November’s holiday film This Christmas, which brought in $49 million. He’s also attached to star in the studio’s sports drama Phenom, which we posted about last year.

We love scary movies, and one with Chris Brown sounds like a good one! 🙂

Rihanna on Chris Brown: “I’m Not In Love with Him”

21 Jun

Rihanna is great at playing hard to get. She and Chris Brown are pictured together all the time looking very much like a couple, but she still won’t admit he’s her boyfriend. Rihanna yesterday and asked her how things were going with her relationship, and she simply said, “No, I’m not in love.”

Which we think is total BLISS!!!

Rihanna is probably smart not to reveal anything about her relationship to the press, because she and Chris are so young, and if they ever broke up, it would be a case of I told ya so.

Whatever she’s doing, it’s working, because Chris still seems to be just as into her as ever.