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Could The Cheetah Girls Be Feuding With Raven-Symone???

26 Aug

The Cheetah Girls were recently taped while signing autographs outside of MTV’s Total Request Live studios, and band member Kiely Williams was signing an old photo, which had her, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, and former Cheetah Girl, Raven-Symone, in it.

While signing, Kiely said with a chuckle, “Isn’t that a cute picture, we look like REAL friends!”

If you don’t get it, it basically means: We looked like REAL friends, but we were NOT!.

Could this be a sign of a feud that has been locked up for years now, between The Cheetahs and Raven, after she decided not to be apart of the group?

Also, around the time The Cheetah Girls 2 was being shot, there were rumors that there were cat fights between Raven and The Cheetahs. And, Adrienne was offered to come back to That’s So Raven to play Alana, but refused to.

We thought Raven and Adrienne were BFF’s???

But, if Kiely was talking about Raven…that’s kind of mean. I mean, she could’ve kept it to herself. 🙂

Ashley Tisdale’s New Hair!!!

26 Aug

Always willing to try out a new look, Ashley Tisdale showed off a brand new shade of hair when out and about in Los Angeles on Tuesday (August 26).

The 23-year-old looked cute in a black sleeveless top with bright blue pants and her celebrity shades, sashaying past awaiting paparazzi.

In related news, the official music video clip from High School Musical 3’s “I Want It All” starring Ashley’s character Sharpay Evans has been released.

For those who want even more HSM 3, the entire motion picture soundtrack is slated to hit store shelves on October 21, with the movie coming out three days later on October 24!

We can’t wait to see Senior Year!!! 😀

Selena Gomez Shopping With Family At Local Farmers Market!

26 Aug

Enjoying a relaxing summertime weekend, Selena Gomez and her family were spotted visiting the Farmers Market on Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (August 24).

The Wizards of Waverly Place actress smilingly strolled the market’s grounds – enjoying a frozen yogurt as she picked up a bouquet of flowers along the way.

The 16-year-old, who was raised in a small Texas town, is set to appear alongside good pal/fellow Disney up-and-comer Demi Lovato in Teen magazine on their September 2nd cover.

Telling of her rise to fame, Selena says: “People probably didn’t think I would get far because of where I’m from. Being able to do what I’ve always wanted to do my entire life is a gift, and my whole dream has come true. To see where I am, from where I was, is just crazy.”

We love Selena! And its great to see that she still shops at the local market with her parents!!! 🙂

The Cheetah Girls One World Loses Viewers! — Could It Be Because of Raven Not Appearing???

26 Aug

Sorry everyone for us not posting…but, our laptop has been getting repaired.

But, anyways…did anyone watch The Cheetah Girls One World last Friday (August 22)???

Well we did, what did yall think???

We personally, didn’t like it as much as we thought we would. The Cheetah Girls 2 is still our fav! 😀

But, besides their whole premiere special on Disney Channel, the movie only pulled in 6.2 million viewers on its premiere night…that’s kinda bad.

The Cheetah Girls movies and High School Musical movies were supposed to be Disney’s biggest TV movies…right?

Well, the premiere of The Cheetah Girls 2, starring Raven-Symone, brought in 7.8 million viewers on its premiere night, and the soundtrack sold 1.6 million copies, according to Billboard magazine.

Even the original movie did better than the third. It brought in 6.5 million viewers on its premiere night, back in 2003.

Also, The Cheetah Girls One World soundtrack isn’t looking to sell nearly as good as the second or first soundtrack has.

The movie did feel like it was missing Raven in it, but it was a nice effort.