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Zac Efron ‘Goes Off’ at Ashley Tisdale’s 23rd Birthday Party! + Yelling at Photographers & More!

15 Aug

Zac Efron is angry and he isn’t going to take it anymore. The High School Musical star is clearly quite fed up with the overbearing photographers that follow him and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens everywhere they go, and Efron’s frustrations came to a head recently at co-star Ashley Tisdale’s 23rd birthday party.

Efron was perturbed by the amount of photographers following him and Hudgens as they attempted to drive to the entrance of the party. The paparazzi was reportedly so aggressive that they attempted to jump a fence and follow the couple inside. This led to a fight between the photographers and the party security, and left Zac Efron in one seriously bad mood.

Once inside the party, Efron reportedly refused to socialize with other guests and was overheard complaining that there were too many people in attendance. We’re not sure complaining about the amount of guests at a party that isn’t yours in the first place is the classiest way to go, Zac. Just something to keep in mind.

But things really got out of control when Zac Efron spotted someone taking photographs, and assumed they were of him. According to Fox News’ Pop Tarts, Efron became so enraged that he reportedly jumped across the pool, stormed over to the snapper and screamed, “Do you wanna picture of me? Do you?”

Imagine his embarrassment when he learned that the photographer was actually a publicist covering the beach house. Efron had enough sense to apologize and admit his embarrassment before slinking back inside the beach house.

Efron then spent a good chunk of the party straightening his hair with a flatiron, with Hudgens and Tisdale hanging loyally by his side. We’re sure that Ashley Tisdale always dreamed she’d spend her 23rd birthday watching Zac Efron throw a fit and then work on his personal grooming. Truly every girl’s birthday dream.

Zac definitely needs to cool it down…BIG TIME!

Selena Gomez: Nick Jonas Is “An Amazing Guy!”

15 Aug

Just like the family-friendly roles she plays onscreen, Selena Gomez kept things G-rated during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM show Tuesday morning.

Grilled over the ongoing rumors that she’s dating Jonas Bro/Miley Cyrus ex Nick Jonas, the poised actress replied: “Well, he’s an amazing guy, Ryan. Anybody would be very lucky to be dating him.”

When pressed, Selena would only say, “I’m close to all the brothers.” Which includes Team Demi and Selena supporter and her unofficial “big brother” Kevin.

Fine. But we hope Nick’s the one who’s got her heart. They’d make such a wholesome couple, don’t ya think?

Miley Cyrus and Adam Sevani: Are They Dating???

15 Aug

Enjoying a short break from her seemingly overwhelming work schedule, Disney tween queen Miley Cyrus was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night (August 12).

Sporting some torn-up jeans paired with a grey shirt/turquoise scarf combo, the Hannah Montana singer/actress flashed a quick smile for photographers before carrying along on her way.

And, if recent rumors are true, Miley may just have been heading off to meet-up with teen movie star Adam Sevani of Step Up 2: The Streets – who is said to be the potential new boyfriend that Miley is so desperately seeking.

The pair was spotted spending more and more time together over the past few weeks, with an insider telling Us magazine, “It’s the early stages of dating. She is a little boy-crazy over him.”

Ashley Tisdale Leaving the Gym!

15 Aug

It’s no accident that Ashley Tisdale is in such amazing shape. Then again, she can afford Los Angeles’ best personal trainers and nutritionists!

Yesterday (August 13), the High School Musical hottie was spotted displaying her amazing discipline with yet another trip to the Results Personal Training facility for a high-intensity workout.

And as always, Tizzie looked hot, sporting an Ed Hardy hat along with a multi-layered pink and white top ensemble and a pair of hot pink workout pants with white sneakers.

With the publicity storm for High School Musical 3: Senior Year looming in the not-too-distant future, it’s no wonder Ashley is so mindful of her fitness.

We cannot wait to see Ashley in the new HSM3! 🙂

Joe Jonas Plays NYPD Police Officer for New Music Video!

15 Aug

When you’re a celebrity, there are certain privileges that are afforded to you. And during his video shoot earlier today (August 14), Joe Jonas got to be a member of the NYPD.

The Jonas Brothers frontman was spotted hamming it up in a New York City Police Department uniform complete with a fake moustache and police-issued aviator sunglasses as he ‘directed traffic’ at Columbus Circle.

In between takes, the middle Jonas clowned around with some of the spectators, even pretending to handcuff one of the young fans he spotted hanging around.

The JoBros have been in the Big Apple all week, playing three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden as well as promoting their new album A Little Bit Longer (in stores now!) and shooting a new video and 3D movie.

Haha!!!! Joe looks so silly! 😀

Oh…and even little Frankie Jonas was there….he got arrested by Joe…lol!

Nick Jonas Riding Horse and Carriage!

15 Aug

While his brother Joe was busy impersonating an NYPD officer over in the Columbus Circle area of Manhattan, Nick Jonas was doing his thing on a horse and carriage.

The youngest Jonas was hard at work today (August 14) in New York City’s Central Park as he filmed his segments for the new JoBros video to accompany their new album A Little Bit Longer’s second single.

And the “Burnin’ Up” rocker created plenty of chaos for the ‘real’ police to handle as masses of fans crowded around the set in hopes of getting an autograph or picture.

Throughout the shoot, the cops had to assist in backing up the horse carriage into oncoming traffic after doing many takes. There’s no business like showbusiness!

It looks like Nick had a cool time! 🙂

Demi Lovato Is Livin’ It Up In New York City!

15 Aug

In town with the Jonas Brothers as they continue with their tour and promotional duties, Demi Lovato was spotted as she was leaving her hotel in uptown New York City today (August 14).

The Disney up-and-comer looked cute in a purple top, black jeans and her trademark derby cap as she pried her way through fans and paparazzi on the scene.

While in Big Apple, Miss Lovato has also been doing the media rounds promoting her debut album, Don’t Forget – which hits store shelves on September 23rd via Hollywood Records.

Earlier this week, Demi performed the first single from the album, “Get Back,” on Good Morning America – getting quite the ovation from a wild crowd on-hand for the As the Bell Rings babe.