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Vanessa Hudgens Getting Sued for $5 Million Dollars!!!

12 Aug

When you’re on top of your game, it seems like everyone is trying to pull you down. And in Vanessa Hudgens’ case, it could end up costing her big.

According to FOX Pop TartsHollie McKay, the High School Musical star is being sued by her former producer/manager Johny Viera for $5 million dollars!!!

Apparently, Viera was the man who discovered Nessa, and back in 2005 they entered into a financial agreement to split her earnings 50/50 in return for him launching her career.

Following her meteoric rise to fame after HSM, Hudgens cut ties with Viera, though she did come to a settlement agreement with him. But now he’s calling foul, saying that she’s not paying up.

In the meantime, Vanessa’s dad, Greg Hudgens, is trying to get the word out about Viera and his “predatory nature” via a website or phone line thereby preventing him from targeting up-and-coming ‘unsuspecting talent.’

Either way, we still support VANESSA!!! 🙂

Jonas Brothers New Album “A Little Bit Longer” Is No. 1 on iTunes and!

12 Aug

As it comes to no surprise, Jonas Brothers new album has already topped numerous charts at online retailers, and it has only been out for 7 hours.

A Little Bit Longer has reached No. 1 on, and a good percentage of sales come from! Miley CyrusBreakout album only reached No. 4 on, and it sold 371,000 copies its first week, so possibly the Jonases new album will sell 400,000+??? HOPEFULLY! 🙂

Also, the album shot straight to No. 1 on the iTunes charts as well!

If you haven’t, make sure to pick up a copy of A Little Bit Longer, which is like the greatest album this year!!!!