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Miley Cyrus: Leaving the Dance Studio!!!

9 Aug

Relationships are never easy, especially if you’re a teenage music icon. And Miley Cyrus has revealed that when she and Nick Jonas broke up, she was utterly devastated.

The pop princess, who was spotted out at the dance studio in LA earlier today (August 7).

The Hannah Montana star says she is currently looking for a boyfriend, while also touching on how important it is to rely on her close friends during tough times.

Saying that she “can’t think of one other friend” she can trust besides her YouTube pal Mandy Jiroux, Miley tells press: “I think you’ve got to keep a very close circle of people you can trust. I’ve had so much drama with girlfriends. A lot of them became those tabloid sources you read about.”

We wonder if Miley has been improving her dancing skills lately…

Demi Lovato Arriving in New York City with Jonas Brothers!

9 Aug

Continuing her trek around the country with the Jonas Brothers, Disney up-and-comer Demi Lovato was spotted outside of her New York City hotel late Thursday night (August 7).

The soon-to-be 16-year-old Dallas, TX, native posed with a few fans and signed autographs before heading into her temporary digs and getting some much needed rest.

Prior to arriving at the hotel, Demi attended a meet and greet at the Mansfield Crossing Verizon Wireless store – with over 2,000 fans showing up to sneak a peek at the young star.

According to press on-hand, “Lovato, who wore a black hat reminiscent of ‘80s teen queen Debbie Gibson, signed autographs for a few hours before heading out to warm-up at the Comcast Center, where she opened for the Jonas Brothers.”

We love Demi!!! And cannot wait for her and the Jonases to come to Columbus, OH, on the 20th!!! 🙂