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Miley Cyrus Out Bike Riding with Friends!!!

6 Aug

Fresh off her Teen Choice Awards hosting duties, a playful Miley Cyrus was spotted out riding her bike with some friends in Toluca Lake on Tuesday (August 5).

While her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, walked the dog nearby to keep a watchful eye on his little girl, the Hannah Montana starlet peddled away while sticking her tongue out at paparazzi following the group.

And the bicycle outing may be just what Miss Cyrus needed, as Sharon Osbourne recently pointed out – it seems as if the Disney starlet may be a bit overworked.

Ozzy’s wife tells: “I would tell youngsters like Miley to just be a kid. It is ridiculous. She is 15 years old. Let her be a kid. She does not need the hype. She is very talented but she does not need the pressure of being compared to Madonna. Just let her be a kid.”

Yeah…we agree with Sharon. But, she’s a superstar, and she obviously loves what she does!!! 🙂

Zac Efron: Leaving The Gym & Showing Off His Muscles!

6 Aug

When it comes to young Hollywood eye candy, no one holds a candle to Zac Efron. And he was spotted showing off his guns yesterday in Toluca Lake, California.

The paparazzi caught up to the High School Musical stud as he was leaving the gym, looking as though he’d put in a tough workout session.

Efron sported a grey tank top with a pair of black gym shorts and some brand new Nike sneakers as he toted his backpack back to his car and headed home to hit the showers.

As for the much-anticipated third installment of the HSM franchise, we’re getting closer to the two-month mark, with October 24th still looming off in the distance.

Seems like all Zac does is work out everyday, and carry that sack around.