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Miley Cyrus: New Scandalous Photos Keep Coming!!!

3 Aug

Seeming as if there’s no end in sight, more racy photos of 15-year-old Disney star Miley Cyrus have made their way onto the Web.

In the most recent photo release, the Hannah Montana starlet is seen wearing a blue shirt pulled up to reveal her stomach, along with a pair of white underwear. She also posed in a blue and white polka dot bikini.

Despite expected fallout over her provocative pics, Miley’s recently released album Breakout shot straight to the number one spot in the charts.

This is the third straight album of Miley’s to debut in the top spot, with Breakout making for her biggest sales debut, scanning over 371,000 units.

Vanessa Hudgens Rockin’ Out in Alabama!!!

3 Aug

Sure, she can sing and dance like a pro in her High School Musical movies. But can Vanessa Hudgens cut it live? According to the thrilled fans at her concert last night, the answer is an overwhelming YES!

The brunette bombshell was doing her thing onstage at the Alabama Adventure Theme Park in Bessemer, Alabama on the second date of her solo tour in support of her new album Identified.

And Miss Hudgens worked the crowd like a seasoned pro, taking time in between songs to share a bit with the audience before blasting into the next song.

A very animated performer, Vanessa clearly enjoyed every minute of the gig, as she sported several different outfits throughout the night. As for upcoming shows, Hudgens will be playing in Des Moines, Iowa on August 14th and Louisville, Kentucky on August 15th.

Vanessa recently told press that she’s grateful for her fans, as they’re the ones who put her on the map. “Your fans are the ones who support your movies. Without them, your career is over. I’m turning 20 this year, so of course I’m going to have to grow up. But I’ll do it when the time is right.”

Vanessa looks totally entertaining live!!! 🙂

Miley Cyrus: Performing on “FNMTV” + Hosting Award Show!

3 Aug

Miley Cyrus currently performed live on MTV’s FNMTV, where she performed her latest single “7 Things,” and one of the new songs off of her new CD Breakout, “Fly On the Wall.”

This weekend, Miley will be hosting 2008’s Teen Choice Awards, which will air this Sunday, on FOX. Also, Miley and her BFF, Mandy, are said to be having a dance battle with, ACDC.

Also, coming up from Miley Cyrus is a new episode of Hannah Montana, and the new feature film, Hannah Montana: The Movie, which will be in theaters May 1, 2009!

Selena Gomez Is Off to the “2008 Teen Choice Awards”!

3 Aug

Disney actress, Selena Gomez, is ready to take the stage at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards tomorrow night, which airs this Sunday (August 3).

The Wizards of Waverly Place actress was spotted catching a flight out to Los Angeles, on Saturday (August 2).

“I try to take pictures with all the kids. When it’s crazy old men trying to take my picture, I’m sorry. I’m strictly with the kids,” Selena tells.

She was spotted taking photos and signing autographs with her fans, while she was making her way through the JFK International Airport.