Miley Cyrus: Photos Scare & Her Plans To Make Changes!

8 Jul

Miley Cyrus can be viewed online in a variety of poses that surely would not be approved of by Disney or many parents of her very young fans. The star of the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana has posed provocatively for many of these racy pictures that include her lifting up her shirt, exposing herself playfully in some very MySpace like photos and in some of the snaps she is on a bed with a guy.

Some fans have had it with the star and she may have grown up too hard and too fast for the tastes of some fans.

So she is making some changes after the photos scare has put a dent in her ratings on her cable show. It’s been reported that Miley was pressured to give her cuddle buddy, Tom Sturges, the boot after intimate photos surfaced of the pair looking a little too cozy for a young teen role model.

According to an inside source cited by teen magazine J-14, “Nobody was happy about the pictures – not Miley’s family, not Tom’s and especially not Disney.” Miley has since declared, “I don’t want a boyfriend.” Many times controversy will help sell stars to the public as the curiosity factor kicks in. It worked for Vanessa Hudgens when her leaked full frontal nude photos splashed online, but she was eighteen years old when she stripped down for Zac Efron.

Will it eventually work for Miley? Her younger fans and probably their parents are likely a bit hesitant and that might explain why some are furious over the scandal.

What do you guys think???

One Response to “Miley Cyrus: Photos Scare & Her Plans To Make Changes!”

  1. skylarseibel July 30, 2008 at 12:16 pm #

    wow miley is a stripper

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