Ashley Tisdale’s Hawaiian Beach Birthday!

3 Jul

Spotted jetting out of LAX airport yesterday afternoon, Ashley Tisdale has already made a splash upon arriving at her tropical vacation destination.

Celebrating her 23rd birthday today (July 2), the Disney starlet sported a beautiful bikini and straw hat in the hot Hawaiian sun as she began to enjoy a relaxing getaway with her family and boyfriend Jared Murillo.

Throughout the course of the day, the Tisdale family and Jared played around on the beach and got a little sun before heading out on a short sailing adventure.

Upon arrival home, Miss Tisdale is looking forward to the October release of High School Musical 3, along with the February 2009 debut of They Came From Upstairs – in which she takes on her first lead role.

Looks like fun!…we wanna go to Hawaii! 🙂

One Response to “Ashley Tisdale’s Hawaiian Beach Birthday!”

  1. Richelle July 3, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    Hey ASHMASH!!,
    I hope Mine Was Sent To You because That Message I sent meant the WORLD to me and have a happy birthday!!! if iw as your friend or something i would be there right for you by your side for your birthday and stuff but i cant because im not…=( and i live in Canada too so no chance of seeing you =( i wish i could meet you that would be so cool!!!! i hope you have the most awesome birthday EVER!! And just from this comment i hope you see this !!!!!!
    Love You Lots With My Heart And Soul,
    ~Richelle ( Vancouver Canada, B.C ) ❤
    P.s-If You Do see this If You Had Time May You Send Me Something But If Your Busy I Understand!!!

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